Resolana   D  E  S  I  G  N
1304 Mariposa Drive, #116

Austin, Texas  78704


Kelly Mahan Architect, AIA. Working in architecture since 1992, involvement has been among a broad range of projects, with firms in Washington State, New Mexico, and Texas.  Educational background includes B.A. Architecture, 1991, University of New Mexico, and Masters in Architecture, 2000, University of Texas at Austin.

Associated projects include:
Drake Residence, New Mexico, with William Freimuth Architect
Austin City Hall, Texas, with Cotera Reed Architects
and Antoine Predock
Daniel E. Ruiz Branch Library, Texas, with Stanley Architects
J. Gitau Memorial Academy Master Plan, Nairobi, Kenya, with Providence Ministries
Great Streets Lighting and Signage Infrastructure, Texas, with Stanley Architects, et. all
Mankins Residence, Texas, with James Cormier, Loci Architects
haeceitas: installation and investigation, New York, with spurse, et. all